Have you had a pest problem?

When we inspect your home among many other things, we look for pest problems. Many attics at one time or another have had some type of critter problem. Sometimes big destructive critters. We remove dead rodents and nesting material and if possible seal up entry points when located. We can also refer a pest control specialist if needed prior to our work. Our main goal is to leave your attic and home better than we found it.

  CPS ENERGY will install LED bulbs and perform a

 home energy assessment for FREE. Click the light

 bulb below to enroll.

  Many homes qualify for utility rebates. If your existing

  insulation is about 4 inches or less you will likely qualify.

  Can you see wood support beams on the attic floor?

  We work with CPS Energy and GVEC as approved

  contractors. We will let you know if you qualify

  for a rebate during our initial inspection.

  CPS energy rebate $.35 per square foot installed.

  GVEC rebate $.20 per square foot installed.

  We handle the entire rebate application process for you.




  We install radiant barrier wrap on interior

  attic walls, cathedral ceilings, and knee

  walls to keep loose fitting insulation from

  falling off. vertical walls between your home

 and attic are areas that often get

  overlooked and will cause energy loss.


Today most of us are living  on a budget. Finding ways to save money can be a real challenge.

Most homes in and around the San Antonio area are under insulated. CPS, GVEC, the Department Of Energy, Energy Star, and the city of San Antonio all now require most homes have an r-38 insulation value in the attic. That is 13-14 inches of insulation.

The largest heat load on your home comes from the attic. Some attics reach up to 150 degrees in summer and are equally cold in the winter.

Having proper insulation can save you up to 20-30% on your energy bills and make the home more comfortable throughout. With adequate insulation your a/c and heating system will run less saving you money. We also work with CPS and GVEC on the energy rebate program. They often help cover some of the cost to properly insulate your home!

CPS Energy has just increased the insulation rebate to .35 cents per square foot effective June 1st 2017. This is the best rebate they have ever offered !

We start by performing a Free evaluation of the insulation products you currently have. We will also determine if your home qualifies for a utility rebate. Next we design an insulation system that suits your needs and budget. Many homes only need additional insulation added in the attic. We may in some cases need to seal duct work, cover recessed lights, or install radiant wrap on knee walls. All of this will be discussed with you in detail and on a written estimate. We basically want to make sure insulation does not go anywhere it is not supposed to before we start the job. After you are satisfied with our proposal and ready to start work, We will schedule an appointment to begin work. Most jobs take less than a half day. When finished we pick up after ourselves and leave your home as clean as we found it.

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